V-TEK, Incorporated is your single source of responsibility for SMD Manual and Automatic Taping Equipment and SMD Taping Supplies. We also offer Component Processing, which includes Tape and Reel, Tinning Services, and Lead Form and Trim. With over 26 years of experience in the SMD industry, V-TEK's team of professionals are sure to have a solution for your tape and reel requirements.
Manual and Automatic Taping Equipment, OEM Integration and Vision Systems, Component Counters, Tape Splicers, and Peel Force Testers, Tape/Reel Materials and Services
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PC-250+ Manual Parts Counter
Accurately counts surface mount components in tape and reel.
Parts are handled without kinking or bending the tape.

  • Counts surface mount parts in tape and reel
  • Bi-directional parts counting
  • Platform for quality inspection
  • Battery option comes standard
  • 8-56 mm embossed or punched carrier tape black or clear
  • All metal construction provides ESD protection

Versacount II+ Motorized Parts Counter
The VERSACOUNT II+ motorized parts counter operates with radial, axial and surface mount devices.

  • Fast changeover to axial and radial taped components
  • Bi-directional counting from 8-120 mm
  • Programmable interface to count a specific number of parts
  • Optional Empty Pocket Detector
  • Displays actual count plus empty pocket count