Pillarhouse have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of selective soldering and coil winding equipment for the electronics and PCB related industries.

They offer an extensive range of selective soldering solutions from low cost, flexible, stand alone entry level systems through to advanced, high speed integrated in-line production cells.

Their systems are used widely by the world's major automotive contractors together with telecommunications, consumers, medical, aerospace and military applications.

Their extensive industry experience offers our customers the latest developments in soldering technology backed by a global network of Pillarhouse appointed technical sales and process support specialists.
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Selective Soldering is the process by which conventional leaded components are soldered onto a printed circuit board. This process is usually conducted after the surface mount reflow soldering operation. With the increasing popularity of Lead Free solder and its associated high cost to fill a large conventional wave solder machine bath, Selective Soldering offers a significantly lower cost approach with inherently smaller bath design and the added advantage of quick change capabilities i.e. from lead free to eutectic and vice versa.

It is often necessary to process leaded components which are in a very close proximity to surface mounted parts. Selective Soldering offers the ability to accurately control a nozzle flow under nitrogen inertion so that parts can be soldered without any damage to the nearest surface mount devices.
In some cases we can solder points as close as 1mm to the nearest surface mount component, thus offering a highly flexible and cost effective solution.

The new Prodex stems from the world leading handload Jade platform. Incorporating DC servo drives, twin independent solder pots that can be configured with single point AP and jet-wave nozzles and auto pot changing. The system also has the ability to operate with a single large bath for dedicated multi-dip applications. The Prodex operates with the highly acclaimed Handex style board load system for rapid product throughput. For the ever increasing pre-heat requirement demanded by lead free alloys, a new underside I.R pre-heater has been incorporated as an option using the Pillarhouse patented slide in/out pre-heater module.

The new Fusion Line incorporates high speed transfer with maximum flexibility coupled with reduced line length at a lower cost compared to current market offerings. The standard cell can be configured to handle PCB's up to 508 x 952mm (fluxer/pre-heat/solder) or for high speed applications, the cell can be configured with fluxer/pre-heat and up to 3 solder modules with 5 heater options. The solder cells can be configured with any of the Pillarhouse solder technologies:- Custom dip, multi-dip, jet-wave and single point AP down to 1.5mm and the new easy auto pot changer for fast non-contact changeovers. There is no limit to the flexibility of the Fusion with the most competitive price per station on the market.