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Mycronic financing services:

At Mycronic we're confident that an investment in our technology will pay for itself many times over. But we also understand that having a lot of capital tied up in fixed assets can have quite an impact on your cash flow. That's why Mycronic also offers its customers attractive financing solutions guaranteed by the Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board (EKN).

Competitive fixed interest rates:

Mycronic offers long-term financing of 3 - 5 years, at less than market rates. With very competitive fixed interest rates, your investment in quality assembly equipment can be realized with ease, provided the contract and contract terms are stipulated by Mycronic.

Our knowledge is key
When the most advanced manufacturers needed a fully integrated, agile production solution, we listened. When the top display producers demanded a revolution in image quality and throughput, we responded. And when billions of electronic devices are produced this year alone, we are still here – supporting the electronic industry to create technologies that shape our world.

Mycronic 4.0 - Intelligent factory
Productivity. It's a growing challenge for the entire SMT industry. Last-minute customer requests. Increasingly complex boards. Stock accuracy and inventory issues. And more and more changeovers together with an increasing number of new product introductions. Initiatives like Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory are high on the agenda for the SMT industry. Our response to these challenges, and the need for higher productivity, is Mycronic 4.0.